Who We Are

Perth's Sustainable Secondhand Furniture Warehouse

We are passionate recyclers.

We are fast furniture avoiders.

We are the last stop before landfill.

We are an alternative recycling service that collects used furniture, household items, and white goods to prevent them from entering landfill.

All potential landfill is brought back to our Embleton warehouse where it is sorted into recycling, upcycle projects, donations, or items to be on-sold.

What We Do

When we say we are the last stop before landfill, we mean it.

Saving Furniture from Landfill

Furniture for Events

We Sell Secondhand Furniture

Why choose us?

Choosing e Furniture Repurposing is not just a decision to buy furniture; it’s a step towards environmental responsibility and embracing sustainable living.



Reducing the environmental impact of the furniture industry by saving over 100 tonnes of furniture from landfill each year.



As a proactive recycling service, we collect a variety of items including used furniture, household essentials, and white goods, diverting them from waste streams.


Expert Team

By choosing e Furniture Repurposing, you’re not just acquiring a piece of furniture; you’re making a conscious choice to support environmental sustainability and join a community committed to reducing waste

Exclusive secondhand furniture in warehouse - eFurniture

Tonnes of Furniture

Rescued from Landfill


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Meet The Team

We are immensely proud to say in 2023 alone, we saved over 200 tonnes of furniture and household items from landfill. Potential landfill was redirected to be recycled, upcycled, donated, or became the perfect new addition to our clients homes. We can’t wait to see what we achieve in 2024!

Bronte Turpin


Meet Bronte, our fabulous Co-owner and Director!

Bronte is the brain and brilliance behind the brand. With a passion for all things sustainable, Bronte lives and breathes the ethics of e Furniture Repurposing. She's the woman you'll likely hear at the end of the phone or greeting you at the warehouse.

Bronte started e Furniture Repurposing with co-owner, Richard Elkington, to make a positive environmental impact at a local level. Her passion lights the flame behind the business and keeps burning brighter each day!

Rocco and Brad

Warehouse Team Members

Tirelessly helping and smiling without fail. Our team is a special one!

Richard Elkington


Meet Richard, our amazing Co-owner and CEO!

Richard is our business extraordinaire. What started as a drive to develop a strong sense of sustainability across his business has expanded into his personal life.

When you attend the warehouse on the weekend, you’ll most likely be greeted by his great smile and can do attitude!

Richard started e Furniture Repurposing with co-owner Bronte Turpin, to make a positive environmental and sustainable impact at a local level. Richard’s passion for business sustainability has come to fruition and we cannot wait to see how far he takes it!

We are passionate recyclers.
We are fast furniture avoiders.
We are the last stop before landfill.