Introducing the Dynamic Duo Behind e Furniture Repurposing

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Richard & Bronte

Richard Elkington and Bronte Turpin


In the world of sustainable living and eco-friendly practices, two names stand out prominently in Perth’s e Furniture Repurposing venture: Bronte Turpin and Richard Elkington. As co-owners and the driving force behind this innovative business, they are making significant strides in environmental conservation at a local level.

Bronte Turpin: The Heart and Soul of Sustainability

Meet Bronte, the co-owner and director of e Furniture Repurposing. She is not just a figurehead but the very embodiment of the brand’s sustainable ethos. Bronte’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is not just a professional stance but a personal creed. As the face of the business, she is often the first person customers interact with, whether on the phone or at the warehouse.

Her journey began with a vision to make a positive environmental impact locally, a vision she shared with Richard Elkington. Her passion is the spark that ignited e Furniture Repurposing and continues to drive its success and growth.

Richard Elkington: The Business Mind with a Sustainable Heart

Richard, the co-owner and CEO, complements Bronte’s passion with his business acumen. His journey in sustainability began with a desire to integrate eco-friendly practices into his businesses, eventually permeating his personal life. His weekends are often spent at the warehouse, where his welcoming smile and positive attitude are as noticeable as his commitment to sustainability.

Together with Bronte, Richard has turned e Furniture Repurposing into a beacon of business sustainability. His vision and drive have been pivotal in the company’s growth, and his aspirations for the future promise even greater achievements.

In conclusion, Bronte Turpin and Richard Elkington are not just business partners; they are the pillars upon which e Furniture Repurposing stands. Their combined strengths in sustainability and business have created a unique enterprise that serves the community and the environment equally. As they continue their journey, their impact on local sustainability efforts is sure to grow, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

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